The Panmessinian Federation of USA and Canada, announces the hosting – for the fifteenth year – of the 2023 Greek Summer School for Youth of Hellenic Descent (18 to 24 years old) and Greek Teachers in Kalamata. Organized by the Panmessιnian Federation of USA and Canada and the University of Peloponnese and supported by the Federal Government, the Local Governments, the Metropolis of Messinia and many organizations and individuals, the School offers a unique one-month summer program, where participants learn about hellenic history and civilization, study the Greek language and immerse into the Hellenic life and culture.

The program includes: Greek language lessons at two levels (beginners and advanced), educational visits to Ancient Olympia, Mycenae, the Palace of Nestor, the Theatre of Epidaurus (to watch a play), Ancient Messini, the Archaeological Museum of the Acropolis, the museums of Kalamata (Military, Cultural and Archaeological), Mount Taygetos, the Church of Ypapanti and the picturesque town of Pylos.

Applications are now open; students and teachers are welcome to apply by May 1, 2023. Up to 40 students and 9 teachers will be admitted to the program. For more information and to obtain an application please visit or e-mail the Panmessinian Federation of USA and Canada, at: