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A1, A2, B1
Greek history

The book contains material for teaching ancient Greek history to elementary students in diaspora schools. Includes student book, workbook and teacher book. In Greece it is used in the 4th grade


The descent of the Dorians. Greeks create colonies. The poetry and religion of the Greeks. Art and writing. Politics in ancient Greece. The bonds that united the Greeks. The art of the archaic era. The letters. Sparta: Society and government. Sparta: Life in the City. The old government of Athens. The laws of Solon. Peisistratos becomes a tyrant. Klisthenes establishes democracy. The Persian State and the Greeks of Asia Minor. The Persian danger. The Battle of Thermopylae. The Battle of Salamis. The battle of Plataea and the battle of Mykali. THE “GOLDEN CENTURY” 5th Century BC . Athens becomes the most powerful city. The city and society of Athens in the Pericles era. The daily life and education of the Athenians. The “golden age” of art. Athens becomes “the school of Greece”. Sparta’s hegemony. Thiva’s hegemony. Macedonia, a new Greek power. Alexander the Great occupies Asia Minor and Egypt. The march to India. The death of Alexander the Great. The empire of Alexander the Great is divided. Pyrrhus, king of Epirus. Life in the Hellenistic years . The arts and letters in the Hellenistic years. The Roman state Carthage clashes with Rome .The subjugation of the Greek world. An ancient theater performance. The language I speak. One day in ancient Olympia. The place I live in. From yesterday to today. Highly family-friendly. The feast.


Theodoros Katsoulakos ,Iphigenia Karioti, Maria Lena, Christina Katsarou


Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Institute of Educational Policy