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Greek history

The Hellenic Heritage Foundation’s award-winning History Committee has curated a new historic Podcast series describing the events leading up to this significant moment in Modern Greek history and episodes can be found here:

Episode One: Introduction: Hosts Bill Molos and Sandra Gionas start the 50th anniversary retrospective journey into the events at the Athens Polytechnio in November 1973.

Episode Two: The Road to 1967: To understand the student occupation of the Athens Polytechnio, you have to understand Greece in the Post-WWII years.

Episode Three: The Military Seizes Power: Greeks awake on Friday, April 21, 1967 to a new reality.

Episode Four: Protest and Resistance: Trying to protest the new military dictatorship was a dangerous thing to do. How the Colonels silenced their opponents…

Episode Five:  Resistance in the Diaspora: As many Greeks flee the military dictatorship, places like Toronto take on an important role in the resistance.

Episode Six:  The Culture of Resistance: How people in the arts reacted to the military dictatorship and how counterculture tried to drown out that resistance.

Episode Seven:  The Student Occupation: On November 14, 1973, students barricade themselves inside the Athens Polytechnio. In the end, there would be bloodshed, but history was made.

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