All Ages

Elite Music Academy is a well-established music school in Greek Town on the Danforth. With the Greek bouzouki, students can cover a broad range of styles and explore folk music and fusion up and down the Mediterranean and Middle East. Bouzouki students have the option to join the school’s Greek band which often plays at the Taste of the Danforth or local Greek restaurants along the Danforth. Students will get to record their music professionally and perform live at Elite’s Spring and Winter school concerts. At Elite Music, all students start with a trial music lesson. They can also buy or rent Greek bouzoukis if they  don’t have one already. In addition to learning how to play and care for the bouzouki, you’ll learn music theory as it relates to the scales, modes, and rhythms of Greece. Elite Music Academy has always been home to the best Greek bouzouki lessons in Toronto. If you’re interested in Greek bouzouki lessons and you happen to live outside Toronto Elite Music Academy offers Lessons over Skype (optional)

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