basic grammar, daily communication

Filoglossia is a series of four multimedia CD-ROMs for learning Greek as a foreign language, addressed to beginners. Each CD-ROM contains five chapters, for a total of 20 chapters. The Web Edition of Filoglossia contains part of the material of the first 15 chapters, but it does not contain all the material of each CD-ROM. The CD-ROMs are available in the Greek market either directly from the Institute for Language and Speech Processing or from any well-known bookstore. The language material is mainly based on the communicative approach, therefore the chapters refer to real life situations (e.g. going shopping, apologizing etc.) Each chapter consists of the following components: (i) dialogue, (ii) basic vocabulary, (iii) grammar and (iv) useful phrases. Each component is accompanied by a variety of exercises for developing language skills.Main features: Audio and video files with native speakers. Translation into English. Vocabulary exercises. Grammar exercises. Useful phrases