In the framework of Bodossaki Foundation’s longstanding support of the creative work of young Greek scientists, and with the aim of rewarding their dedication to the advancement of science as well as promoting outstanding role models for society, Bodossaki Foundation has established the “Distinguished Young Scientist Awards”, open to scholars of Greek descent, under the age of 40.

For the year 2023, the Foundation has decided to award four prizes, which are each accompanied by a financial award of €20,000, in the following academic fields:

  1. Science: Chemistry
  2. Life SciencesBiomedical Sciences
  3. Applied Science: Applications of Artificial Intelligence Methods and Technologies in Engineering Disciplines
  4. Social-Economic Sciences: Economic or Political Sciences

The prizes will be awarded to persons of Greek nationality, parentage or descent. Candidates born from 1st January 1983 and onwards are eligible to apply. For mothers, the age limit is increased by one year for each child with a limit of 2 years (i.e. mothers with one child are eligible to apply if their date of birth is from 1st January 1982 onwards, while mothers with more than one child are eligible to apply if their date of birth is from 1st January 1981 onwards).

Candidates should be nominated by Universities, Institutions or scientists of the same or a senior level in the candidate’s area of expertise or by the Head of a research institution (Nominator). The candidates’ written consent is required.

The submission of application foresees two stages:

Α.  The electronic completion of the application form as well as the electronic submission at the following link of the documents below:

  1. The candidate’s written consent for his / her nomination.
  2. A full curriculum vitae (please include father’s full name, date of birth, tax registration no., I.D. or passport number, home and work address, tel. no., e-mail address, etc).
  3. E1 (Income tax declaration form) in which the dependent family members will be listed (in case the candidacy concerns mothers and this is relevant to their eligibility due to their age)

Β.  Candidates will fill in the application the details of the nominator and three referees, who will receive an automated email, to which they must respond and submit the following documents respectively:

  1. Letter of nomination indicating the candidate’s scientific field, describing his/her activities and achievements in relation to the field of his / her candidacy and with reference to the nominee’s publications. (There is no specific form). The letter of nomination is submitted only by the nominator and is confidential.
  2. One reference letter from each referee evaluating the candidate’s work, his / her prospects and his / her personal character. The referees should be scientists from the candidate’s area of expertise. Three letters should be submitted in total (one per referee) and these are confidential.

The closing date for the submission of applications for the awards is October 31st, 2022. This deadline applies to both stages.

More information on the application process can be found in the example application form.

See All Recipients of the Awards

The selection of the prize winners will be based on exceptional achievements in their respective field.

The Foundation may require candidates to submit additional information in connection with their work.

A Selection Committee of specialists in each of the fields of the awards makes its recommendations to the Prize Committee. The prizewinners are selected by the Board of Trustees, on the basis of the recommendations of the Prize Committee.

Additional information may be obtained from Bodossaki Foundation, tel. no. Greece: +30.210.722-3244, e-mail: .