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The 10th Biennial MGSA Workshop in Pedagogy
Translation Across the Curriculum
November 10-11, 2023
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Modern Greek Program and Department of Comparative Literature

The 10th Biennial MGSA Workshop on Pedagogy aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and practices in all areas of translation pedagogy, as well as in the uses of translation as a pedagogical tool across a curriculum that includes the study of Greek language, cultures and societies.

The proliferation of Translation Studies programs, degrees and conferences around the world is a minor victory for the humanities, in a world otherwise dominated by the study of STEM fields. At the same time, the role of translation in language teaching and learning is also undergoing reassessment with a considerable corpus of scholarship advocating for its revival. Translation is seen as central to the internationalization of any curriculum, to social justice advocacy, to the notion of mediation between cultures and the development of global literacies and interculturality and has been hailed by the MLA as “an indispensable component of intellectual exchange and development throughout recorded history”.

The MGSA Undergraduate Studies Committee is seeking participation from colleagues who employ translation or teach translation in undergraduate courses with a significant Modern Greek component and who wish to make a practice- oriented (30 mins) or research- oriented presentation (20 mins) presentation on one of the topics mentioned below or a related topic. Practice-oriented presentations should include a problem-solving or interactive component.

Please send a short description of your proposal, approximately 200 words, to the organizing committee by June 30th. Please send your proposals to pedagogy@mgsa.org, with the subject line: Translation Across the Curriculum.

Some of the questions and pedagogical issues we hope to explore and discuss in the context of presentations are:
Theories of translation and translation pedagogy
The role of assistive technologies
The role of translation in language pedagogy
The role of translation and translanguaging in the language classroom
Translation as assessment and the assessment of Translation
Translation for professional/specific purposes
Translation and culture
AVT (dubbing, subtitling)
Translation course design
Translation and diversity
Translation as mediation

The MGSA Undergraduate Studies Committee

November 10-11, 2023 at University of Michigan