Were your parents or grandparents born in Greece in the late 1920s or 1930s?  Were you?

Toronto, Hellenic Heritage Foundation (HHF)

We are currently seeking our second set of interview participants who were born in the 1930s and who wish to share their childhood experiences as part of a Ph.D. dissertation at York University and in connection with the HHF Greek Canadian Archives.

This study is seeking participants who were born in Greece in the late 1920s and the 1930s in so that we can document and archive their memories and experiences. Those of you who may be reading this article, or your parents and grandparents would have lived through these challenging times and it is the purpose of this study to recall some of those memories through one-on-one interviews.

This study poses a significant generational issue and is time sensitive. The situation over the past few years has made this more evident with the unfortunate passing of this generation and with them, their stories and firsthand accounts. Your assistance in this project will ensure that the legacy of this generation remains alive as the interviews will be deposited into the HHF Greek- Canadian Archives at York University, in perpetuity.

The role of the research participant is to engage in a one-on-one interview based on a list of questions that the research team has prepared. The interviews will be conducted by either audio and/or video recording and at a time/place that is convenient for them. The participants also have the option to remain anonymous and will receive a copy of the interview if they wish. The estimated time commitment for each participant will be approximately an hour to two hours of their time per interview session. Αny in-person interviews and conversations will follow strict safety protocols in light of Covid-19. The researcher will be masked and is triple vaccinated.

If one feels more comfortable, the discussion can be done over the phone or virtually, however, preference is for in-person interviews at this time.   

If you have questions about the research in general or about your prospective role in the study, please feel free to contact:

Our parents and grandparents have given us so much, let’s make sure their memories and stories are never forgotten.

Angelo Laskaris, PhD Candidate, York University – History laskang@yorku.ca

Dr. Sakis Gekas, Associate Professor and Hellenic Heritage Foundation Chair of Modern Greek History  agekas@yorku.ca