College Year in Athens (CYA) is offering two opportunities for Gap Year students: one for those passionate about antiquity with the program “Archaeological Field Work: Excavation, Workshops and Digital Technologies” and one for those interested in learning more about activism and diversity, with the program “Understanding Activism, Diversity, and Equity: the example of Greece“.

While gaining a fuller understanding of a different culture via interactive learning methods, students will create an e-portfolio as a record of what is learned and accomplished through this program. Field trips within Greece will not only allow the broadening of perspective and expanding of the worldview but mainly grant them a unique chance to come into a close encounter with Greeks through basic Greek language classes and cultural seminars.

CYA, recognizing the difficult times that COVID-19 has created, has established the Fall 2021 Gap Flight Award. A student who will be accepted in the Fall 2021 Gap program, will receive $1,000 to offset the cost of the round-trip ticket to/from Athens, Greece.

College Year in Athens (CYA) is a non-profit educational institution, which, since 1962, provides English-speaking undergraduates (more than 10,000 to date)  the transformative experience to study in Athens and familiarize themselves with the Greek culture. To find out how Greece & CYA is faring up, please check out the COVID-19 FAQ on our website here.