Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School values young children’s education, and operates within an atmosphere that provides personal growth and achievement. Education is a partnership between students, parents, and teachers. Only through the collaboration of faculty and family is this goal achieved. Our school offers low student-teacher ratios with highly experienced and qualified teachers.

A wide range of contemporary facilities, new technologies, and other vital resources further enhance the learning experience. Students are offered a challenging academic curriculum with particular emphasis on literacy, numeracy, science, and high-technologies. This approach will ensure that our graduates will be fully prepared with the skills necessary to be independent life-long learners, in a multicultural society.

A Loving and Positive Environment
It is during elementary school that attitudes towards learning are formed and the foundations of basic skills and study habits are developed allowing future academic achievement. The philosophy of Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School is to encourage its students to strive to achieve academic excellence and to allow them to mature socially, emotionally and spiritually in a loving and positive environment.

Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School is a place where students can freely blossom into caring and compassionate young adults without the stress of issues that face many young people in today’s society. We promote and foster a supportive, loving and safe Christian environment. Our teachers understand the important role they play in a student’s life. Through positive influence and mentorship, students leave with priceless memories and lessons that they carry with them on their journey into adulthood.

Small Class Sizes
Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School provides the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual resources for students to reach their full potential. Small class settings (maximum 20 students) are ideal for ensuring individual attention in which each student can develop strong self-esteem and become a self-confident and independent learner.

In these settings, the teacher can individualize or adapt the academic program to provide enrichment or remediation, as required. Our small class sizes and supportive approach allows the school to meet each child’s individual needs in a professional manner.

Nutrition & Lunch Program
Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School understands the link between proper nutrition and academic achievement. Research tells us that adequate nutrition in children has been shown to improve learning skills, and conversely, that inadequate nutrition can result in irritability and poor concentration.

Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School promotes nutritional and healthy eating. The snack and lunch program contains nutritional items from the four recommended food groups. The lunch program is consistent with the recommended daily requirements for healthy eating. You can trust that your children will be receiving a well balanced meal from all essential food groups.To ensure the freshest and most delicious meals possible, Metamorphosis employs kitchen staff that prepare lunches and snacks daily.


Child Care / After School Care
Before and After School Care and Early Dismissal Care

Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School understands that some parents have busy schedules that may require the additional care of their child outside of the normal school schedule. To help alleviate this potentially stressful situation, Metamorphosis offers before and after school child care programs. Parents/guardians who would like their children to participate in before and/or after school care (or early dismissal care) must inform the school, and must specify for which care period they want their children to participate. Please contact the school administration for details.


K-8 Program


  • K-8

Class Details

Weeknights 8:45-3:45 pm Saturdays 1:00pm - 4:00pm for Greek Language Group Classes (all levels)


  • Greek Language
  • Dance
  • Geography
  • Greek culture
  • History
  • Music
  • Mythology
  • Religion

30 Scarsdale Road Toronto, Ontario